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Excavations and Earthmoving Contractors in Auckland

As earthmovers we regularly provide bulk earthmoving services such as for customers who want to build a new house, or undertake large site redevelopments and subdivisions.

Earthmoving contractor spreading topsoil after constructing new retaining wall in east Auckland

We are also increasingly providing our expertise in confined spaces around Auckland such as for basement digouts or sites with limited access, and have a range of small machinery dedicated to this purpose. 
Ponsonby Excavation - Earthmoving Works in Auckland Earthmoving on steep site in Remuera, Auckland

Cost of Earthmoving Works in Auckland:

The true cost for your earthmoving works will depend on the specifics of your project, site, and its proximity to a tip site. To try give you an understanding of what your earthmoving project might cost, a simple bulk excavation within half an hours drive of a tip site, typically might cost $65+GST per cubic metre of spoil excavated and removed.


A trickier earthmoving project on the other hand, for example a basement excavation that must be dug out and bobcated onto a truck (also from a site within half an hours drive of a tip site) typically might cost $115+GST per cubic metre of spoil excavated and removed.

Bulk Park Excavation in Auckland

For a rough approximation of what your earthmoving works might cost, take the length of your excavation and multiply this by the width and then the [average] depth, to provide yourself with a rough indication of the cubic metre volume of spoil to be removed from site.
Earthmoving-basement-excavation-Auckland Earthmoving-siteworks-new-housing-development-Auckland
Under-house excavations for basement level additions in Ponsonby, Auckland. Complete siteworks for a new housing development in Greenhithe, Auckland.
Building/Resource Consents for Earthmoving Works
Please be aware that depending on the scale and nature of your proposed earthmoving works, you may need a building and/or resource consent. For more information about the types of activity that require consent, please follow this link to the consents section of the Auckland Council's website.
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Earthmoving contractors performing drilling Under-house earthmoving works Earthmoving for new building development in Auckland

We can help no matter your experience, or whether your earthmoving project is large or small. Offering fully managed site works and backed by over 30 years of service, we have the know how to make your job a real success.

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