Retaining Walls

“Retaining Walls using Soldier piles can form an integral part of your site works solution.”

Sprayed Concrete Barrier Pile Walls in Auckland

We can install soldier (or barrier) pile retaining walls in advance of excavation work, in order to support nearby existing houses or other structures when required.

Professional Soldier Pile Walls Auckland-wide

These are typically covered during the course of excavations, or turned into a sprayed concrete wall when there is little space available for alternate retaining structures.  
Soldier Pile Walls in Auckland Sprayed Concrete Soldier Pile Walls Auckland-wide

In this case, we excavate between the individual barrier piles and install additional reinforcing steel which provides the lath to spray concrete onto. This final surface can be made to look similar to a plastered block wall.
Soldier Pile Wall Solder Pile Wall in Auckland

We can offer drilled piles with treated timber poles, drilled reinforced concrete piles, or structural steel beams encased in concrete, at site locations Auckland-wide.
Pouring concrete for barrier piles and capping in Beachhaven Construction of barrier piles and capping beam
Concrete pour for new barrier piles and capping beam in East Auckland New barrier piles and capping beam almost complete

The cost for your soldier pile retaining wall will depend upon your project's specifics, so get in contact to find out more about how much your job might cost.