Retaining Walls

“We regularly build retaining walls anywhere from 0.5 metres to 4 metres high.”

We regularly build retaining walls all over Auckland, and can construct these from a range of different building materials. Most commonly this is traditional timber poles and railing, however we can also create more modern looks, such as by utilising structural galvanized steel beams, or block or keystone type structures.

Timber retaining wall replaced alongside existing driveway in Auckland

We frequently tailor our service for particular situations such as retained garden developments, or the replacement of a retaining wall alongside an existing driveway and between two boundaries. 

Timber Retaining Wall in Remuera, Auckland, constructed early 2020

We are also able to provide solutions for strenuous retaining requirements, such as building tiered and/or tied back retaining wall systems.
Tops of Retaining Wall being sawed off in St Heliers Auckland Retaining Wall in Meadowbank Auckland Retaining Wall with Galvanised Steel Beams in Glendowie Auckland

Cost to build new Retaining Wall in Auckland: 

To try give you an understanding for how much your proposed retaining wall might cost, prices for building a standard timber retaining wall at some typical heights are listed below for your convenience:
Height of retaining wall in metres
Price to build retaining wall per lineal metre
For example, a standard timber pole and rail retaining wall 10m long and 1.5m high would cost approximately $7,800+GST in total. 
All walls have H5 construction poles and H4 rails & drain coil with filter sock as standard.
All pricing plus GST and establishment/supervision, H&S, access arrangements & preparation required. All prices subject final confirmation after site measure.
Pouring first hole for new Retaining Wall in East Auckland Newly installed timber pole and rail retaining wall

While in practice many retaining walls are built to a combination of heights, this representative figure is designed to give you an appreciation of how much your proposed retaining works might cost.
Successful concrete pour for new timber retaining wall Timber Retaining Wall in Parnell, Auckland

It is important to note that these indicative prices include the timber retaining wall built to a standard design including drain coil and scoria backfilled in place, for standard ground conditions, and does not include any preparations prior to drilling, such as establishment, earthmoving and other services, or any other special requirements.  
Retaining-Walls-in-Auckland Auckland-Retaining-Walls
Freshly built timber retaining wall, with safety rail under construction. Finished timber retaining wall with painted safety rail, in Glendowie, Auckland.
Building/Resource Consents:
Please be aware that depending on the height and location of your proposed retaining wall you may need a building or resource consent. While your local district plan should always be consulted, you will generally need consent if your retaining wall is 1.5m high, or has a building or driveway coming within 1.5m of the top of the wall. For more information about how this might affect your project, you can follow this link to the retaining walls section of the Auckland Council’s website. We can help advise you on this process if this is required.
"We can help you create more functional land, and maximise your usable space, with an engineer designed and well-built retaining wall."  

Timber retaining wall in Auckland