Concrete Driveways

“New driveways transform properties, and can be easily done.”

We’re experienced in the formation of new concrete driveways, as well as the removal and replacement of existing driveways and parking surfaces, having provided this service all over Auckland since 1988. 
Pebble Concrete Driveway in Auckland Freshly poured concrete driveway in Auckland
A new exposed aggregate concrete driveway in Remuera A freshly poured plain concrete driveway
Quality concrete driveways that last are all about proper preparation. This includes excavation and compaction of base metal into the driveway area to create a solid foundation, and reinforcing mesh can provide additional strength and longevity to the life of your concrete.

New Driveway Under Construction in Kohimarama, Auckland

We construct all of our new driveways with a minimum 100mm thick of well-compacted basecourse aggregate and 665 grade reinforcing mesh to reduce the chance of your concrete cracking over its lifetime. This is important because skimping in this area can lead to unfortunate results, so ensure you aren’t receiving anything less if comparing us with another quote.

Concrete driveway freshly installed for a happy client in Kohimarama

Note that in some instances it is advisable to install 150-200mm of compacted basecourse - we can advise on this.

Reinforcing mesh being installed before new concrete driveway pour in east Auckland

Cost to construct new Concrete Driveway in Auckland:

The costs for a new driveway will depend on size and specifics. Plain broom-finished concrete is the least expensive and a highly popular option. Typically this can range from $90 per square metre on a large job with light excavation, to $120+ per square metre on a small job that requires additional preparation.
Concrete Accessway Midway Being Poured Auckland Concrete Accessway with Saw Cuts Auckland
Exposed concrete is also very popular around Auckland City at the moment, using either crushed rock or river pebble mixes, and additional colour can be added to suit. This typically adds in the range of $15-$25 per square metre, depending on aggregate/pebble specified and the finish you desire. 
Exposed pebble concrete driveway (some colour added)
Exposed pebble concrete driveway (some colour added)

We can also provide most other driveway surfacing options, including plain concrete, asphalt, or pavers if you'd prefer.
Exposed aggregate concrete driveway (with no colour added)
Exposed aggregate concrete driveway (with no colour added)
We offer a complete service including all site excavations and preparation, and if a pathway or retaining is required to support your new driveway we can do that too. Be it residential or commercial, we can provide concrete driveways, pathways or patios, and parking surface solutions to fit your needs.

New pathway connected to driveway being constructed in Sandringham, Auckland
We pride ourselves on delivering high quality results for all our customers, and have a vast experience dating back over 30 years.
Replace-Driveways-Auckland New-Driveways-Auckland
Preparations for a new concrete driveway in Meadowbank, Auckland. The newly replaced concrete driveway being given a final wash off.
"As many of our happy customers have come to experience, a new driveway is a great long-term investment that can enhance and create real added appeal for your home, and we can help you create the right solution for your property too."