Recent Projects

"Constructing New Back Boundary Wall in Mt Eden"

Here are some images of a new 900mm high timber pole retaining wall with 900mm high timber post and vertical close spaced 25mm paling fence completed along an adjoining boundary.

  • This wall was founded into rock which is an interesting twist for a timber pole wall. 
  • Pole foundations secured before being locked into place
  • Concrete secures the base ready for timbers
  • Finished not only secures the embankment but also smartens up the driveway and turning
    circle of this Mt Eden Property

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IMG 20211110 173231

IMG 20211110 173315

IMG 20211109 154821

IMG 20211201 125006

IMG 20211201 124802

“Constructing a New Timber Retaining Wall in Onehunga.”

This customer's project entailed rock breaking work and the construction on two new retaining walls.
The job involved:

  • Breaking out rock to the footpath boundary to create pole foundations, and removing rock spoil from site.
  • Saw cutting the end of existing concrete wall to allow new 12m retaining wall to butt up to existing block work.
  • Installation of 25Mpa concrete to back trench along front boundary.
  • Installation of a 12m timber pole retaining wall at 1.2m high in trench along front boundary, and backfilled with drainage metal then capped with topsoil.
  • Installation of a 6m timber pole retaining wall at 1.2m high reducing to 0.3m along the left hand side boundary, and backfilled with spoil already stockpiled on site.
Constructing Timber Retaining Wall in Onehunga, Auckland
Excavation and drilling for new retaining wall Pouring concrete to set new timber retaining wall
Bracing for new timber retaining wall under construction Concreting in front of new retaining wall
New timber retaining wall nearly complete Concreting area in front of new timber retaining wall in Onehunga
New Timber Retaining Wall with Planter Area and Backfilled

"Another problem solved for a happy client."

“Replacing and Widening a Concrete Driveway in Remuera.”

In this project our client was looking for a complete driveway and garden makeover.

The job involved:
  • Excavation work to remove the steep existing driveway and prepare garden area.
  • Installing drainage to capture stormwater runoff.
  • Installing compacted basecourse as foundation for the new widened driveway.
  • Boxing, reinforcing and pouring the new exposed aggregate concrete driveway.
New Concrete Driveway Remuera
Driveway Replacement Remuera Driveway Replacement 2
Driveway Replacement 3 Driveway Replacement 4
Driveway Replacement 5 Driveway Replacement 6

As you can see the final work looks magnificent!



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